As an artist Luuk Willemen's aim is to translate the perspectives upon his surroundings into a new compelling reality.


Born in (1990, Hengelo), a small city in the eastern part of The Netherlands, Luuk Willemen was raised in the midst of an operating doctors practice. Fleeing the chaos around him he was always looking for distraction in the outdoors.  While wandering the streets as a teenager his eyes were constantly scanning walls and other possible subjects to write his alias on. Later this turned into the general appreciation of public space itself, as well as the people occupying it.  Traces of the past converted into visible treasures are found everywhere throughout the city. Fences overgrown by ivy, rusty old doors, Chalk drawings on the side walk. Simple unique places which, by the hands of human interaction or lack of interaction, got taken advantage of. The same traces are found in the wrinkled faces of the elderly. Stories engraved by the factor of time and experience. 

By observing, registering, documenting, analyzing, creating and de-creating multiple works at the same time Luuk tries to slow down the process and dig deeper into the unknown. Looking for new ways to approach the canvas by questioning the materials or cheating on his tools, he finds his drive to proceed the artistic journey. Trial and error has lead to numerous occurrences that became new experiences, challenging the chosen path on which Luuk says : 'You sometimes have to make the wrong steps, to head the right way'.